Welcome To Sunday Diners!

Welcome To Sunday Diners!

Hi I’m Alex  and welcome to my blog Sunday Diners!  It’s about all of the great Diners and Restaurants that I love.

Most Sundays, I usually go out to breakfast with my Dad… because it’s FUN to just get out of the house sometimes and also to give my Mom a little time to herself.

I’ll do my best to tell you about the best places to have breakfast from Fairfield County, CT to Westchester, NY… and Beyond!

And guess what? Sometimes it will could even be about Lunch!… Dinner!



If you have ideas on where we should go, let us know and we’ll try it!


Maybe one day you’ll even see Sunday Diners on FOOD Network!



PS: I’m just a kid… so my Dad is helping to make this


8 thoughts on “Welcome To Sunday Diners!

  1. Dear Alex, I am your friend/honorary Auntie Alexandra’s mom and I loved reading about your diner adventures. Your descriptions of the food you ate made me want to eat in all those places. Also, it looked like you were having fun. You have a really good dad and I hope you keep blogging so I can hear more about the places you go. You have a future, I can see why Alexandra is so proud of you!

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