Learning The Secret To A Good Bagel… From The Bagel King Himself!

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The Original Bagel King, Norwalk, Connecticut

This weekend, I went to New Hampshire, but we stopped at The Original Bagel King in Norwalk before we got on the road… Why?  Because The Original Bagel King makes REALLY GOOD BAGELS!

The Original Bagel King has been serving bagels for over 13 years and is owned by Emilio Sisca.  They have poppy seed, sesame, cinnamon-raisin, everything, and many more. They also serve delicious Italian cookies and treats.

I asked Mr. Sisca,“What makes a good bagel”? 

He said, “It’s all about the boiling,  good bagels are first boiled then baked”.  This makes them crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

I had the poppy seed bagel with cream cheese and a cup of milk.

The Sunday Diner Rating (out of 5)

FOOD  * * * * * (5)

SERVICE  * * * * * (5)

LOOKS  **** (4)


Every good road trip starts off with a great breakfast — so why not eat like a king!

The Original Bagel King, 250 Westport Avenue, Norwalk, CT


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