Coffee An’ Serves Presidential Donuts An’ More!

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Coffee An’ Donut Shop, Westport, CT

Today, we went to Coffee An’ Donut Shop in Westport which we found out about from one of our readers, Alana Frumkes, who works with my dad. She said it would be great for Sunday Diners to check out!… So keep your suggestions coming and we might try them too!

Coffee An’ has been open since 1959, and has been owned by George Vlandis, for 20 years. Get there early before it gets crowded, because the breakfasts are EXCELLENT!

But their real specialty… THE DONUTS!

Coffee An’ donuts are so good that even President Clinton asked them to be sent to The White House!

I asked Mr. George, “What makes your donuts so good?”

He said, “It is my secret recipe!”

I had pancakes, Canadian bacon and a chocolate milk.  Mr. George was so nice, he gave me a free chocolate glazed donut which I will try after lunch!  🙂

If you’re near Westport, Come An’ have a donut!

The Sunday Diner Rating (out of 5)

FOOD  * * * * * (5)

SERVICE  * * * * * *(6) 🙂

LOOKS  **** (4)

BATHROOM: Finally I Went! and it’s a **** (4)


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