Take Off For A Good Breakfast At Bethany’s Airport Diner on Block Island!

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Bethany’s Airport Diner, Center Rd., Block Island, RI

Another surprise find on Block Island is Bethany’s Airport Diner, which is located at the Block Island Airport!  This Bethany’s Diner has been open for over 2 1/2 years and it replaced the original diner which opened in the 1950’s.

For this Sunday Diners, Dad and I had three special guests, my Mom!, and my Grandma and Poppey who live in PA and came on vacation with us.

Sometimes, not everyone can be happy with their breakfast.  My Mom, Dad and Grandma and Poppey had omelets… but they were not very happy with them.  I had “The Full Throttle” which is Two Pancakes, Two Eggs (I had mine scrambled), Two Sausages, Bacon and Two Hash Browns!  And it was AWESOME!  Which proves, sometimes it’s really hard to make everyone happy.

The best part of the Airport Diner is the outside dining area… because it’s right on the runway!!!  You can watch the planes take off and land while you eat.  That’s why it’s so popular with kids!

I asked Lou, who works for New England Airlines,

“How many times a day are there flights to Block Island?”

He said, “On an average summer day, New England Airlines arrives and takes off about 10 times a day from Westerly Rhode Island to Block Island State Airport.  There are also many private flights during the summer”.

That’s a lot of hungry fliers!

The Sunday Diner Rating (out of 5)

FOOD  * * * * (4)

SERVICE  * * * (3)

LOOKS  * * * ***  (6)


So, if you’re going to Block Island by plane or even by ferry… definitely check out Bethany’s Airport Diner… Order the Full Throttle and you’ll be on Cloud 9!

2 thoughts on “Take Off For A Good Breakfast At Bethany’s Airport Diner on Block Island!

  1. Hey Alex, a fair and balanced review. All I know is that those pancakes on your plate looked really good…and I liked the inside photo of the diner.

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