New To Chew… Caramel Apple Pancakes!

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New To Chew… Caramel Apple Pancakes!

Welcome to our first Sunday Diners “Special Post” which I call “New To Chew”. This is where you can find cool new recipes and places that I like that are not breakfast joints.

For our first “New To Chew” I wanted to try something that I never had before… Something that you can make in the fall… Caramel Apple Pancakes

I asked my mom to if she could help me make my idea for a recipe for Caramel Apple Pancakes with Warm Caramel Sauce and Apples on Top. She said OK!.  

Here’s the recipe, have fun making it with an adult!

– Slice  2 large Macintosh apples very thin, like paper.

– Prepare two cups of your favorite instant pancake batter prepared. You can use any one that you, mom’s is made by The Barefoot Contessa.
– Pour pancake batter onto griddle
– Layer  in the very thin slices of apple – Don’t use them all!

– Cook your pancake as like it

– Sauté the remaining apple slices in a pan with butter, cinnamon and a pinch of salt

– We didn’t have time to make our own caramel sauce, because we were going to New  York today for the Medieval Festival at the Cloisters.

– So, mom bought some from Stonewall Kitchen

– Put cooked apples onto pancakes

– Warm up the caramel sauce in microwave and then and pour onto pancakes

– Makes six pancakes or three servings

Sometimes the best breakfasts start right at home!

PS: Here’s a picture of me at The Medieval Festival


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