New To Chew – The EJ Bowman House, Bed and Breakfast!

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The EJ Bowman House, 2674 Lititz Pike (Route 501), Lancaster, PA

(717) 519-0808

Last month, the Sunday Diners crew visited Lancaster PA… where my Grandma and Poppey own a Bed & Breakfast called The EJ Bowman House.  The breakfasts are so amazingly good, that people come from all over the world to have her cooking. When I was there, there were people from drove all the way from Nova Scotia, Canada and Ohio to stay there. People have even come from as far away as Japan, Germany and Ireland!

I got to see my Grandma cook breakfast for the guests, and them join them in the dining room where my Poppey serves and hosts.  Here’s what was on the menu that morning:

Plum Coffee Cake

Peaches with Lemon Mint Creme Anglais and a Raspberry Puree

Pumpkin Spice Pancakes with A Cinnamon Whipped Cream

Maple Glazed Sausages

Here’s a video that my mom took of me chatting with her about today’s breakfast.

If you’re ever in Lancaster, The EJ Bowman House is a great place to stay!

Make sure to tell them that Alex sent you!

Grandma and Poppey’s Mini Cooper


2 thoughts on “New To Chew – The EJ Bowman House, Bed and Breakfast!

  1. Well, this was my very favorite Sunday Diners post. I like seeing the video of Alex and his grandma and the pancakes sound delicious!!!

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