Cheeseburgers For Breakfast? … At The Family Diner In Norwalk, YOU CAN!

Family Diner, 71 Main St, Norwalk, CT

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The Family Diner in Norwalk is a family-friendly, Retro, Fifties-Style diner.  It’s been serving Norwalkers since 1959, and many years ago, it moved from its original location across the street (which is now a parking lot) to its current location.

Here's where the Family Diner was originally...

... And here's where it is now... across the street!

Breakfast at the Family Diner is great, and the service is fast! I had the Chocolate Chip Pancakes, with 2 Scrambled Eggs and a side of Bacon.  I also had a Chocolate Milk which was super cold and fresh.

Even though, the name of the diner is, The Family Diner, I didn’t see a lot of kids there, maybe it was too early or Sunday is not popular with families (maybe they were all at church).

I asked our server, Georgia, who has worked at The Family Diner for over 21 years.

How did they move the diner across the street?

She said, “They lifted it up with cranes and put it on a big truck to take it across the street to where we are now”

I also asked her what was her favorite item on the menu?

She said, “Everything”!

The Family Diner also does something I have never seen before, if you don’t want bacon, ham or sausage as a side order, you can have a hamburger or cheeseburger with your eggs!  WOW !! Burgers for Breakfast!?! — I’m totally trying that next time!

The Sunday Diner Rating (out of 5)

FOOD  * * * * * (5)

SERVICE  * * * * *  (5)

LOOKS  * * * *  (4)

BATHROOM: * * *   (3)


3 thoughts on “Cheeseburgers For Breakfast? … At The Family Diner In Norwalk, YOU CAN!

  1. I actually went to “FD” yesterday for breakfast! It is a strange and amazing place. I also now know why you have this great blog! It’s hard to find breakfast spots where you live. Everyone told me they were only open for Sunday brunch. I’m so glad you and your dad have this blog! Have you seen the Mousse Mice at FD?

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