The Makris Midtown Diner… Delicious Food On The Road To LEGO Kidsfest 2011!

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Makris Midtown Diner, 1797 Berlin Turnpike, Wethersfield CT

Sorry, we couldn’t post last Sunday, but we were at the LEGO Kidsfest in Hartford.  So, we decided to have breakfast on the way there. We looked on the internet to find a cool place that was near the Hartford Convention Center and were lucky to find the Makris Midtown Diner in Wethersfield, CT.

The Makris is a really cool old-style diner that was built by the Jerry O’Mahony Company, who some people believe was responsible for building “the first diner”.  There’s a nameplate above the door that shows it’s a real “O’Mahony Diner”.  It’s one of the few left in the country and has been serving great food since 1951.

The Makris has some very cool accessories — like jukeboxes in every booth!  I’m not sure if they worked, but I’m sure they did at one point!

And the food tastes great!

I had Texas French Toast, which is big and much thicker than others, kind of like how Texas is bigger than most other states!  I also had Scrambled Eggs and Polish Ham — which is a special type of ham from Poland — where my mom’s family is from!

In fact, the owner of the diner is from Poland too and for lunch and dinner on Sunday she cooks authentic Polish Food!

I asked the owner, Ewa Nowak, “What your favorite breakfast?”

She said, “I really like the wheat pancakes, which sounds healthy and not tasty, but they are really good!”

She also told me to definitely come back for lunch or dinner when she makes Pierogies!

The service was really good, and we got our food quick, which was important, because we had to hit the road for the LEGO Kidsfest!

The Sunday Diner Rating (out of 5)

FOOD  * * * * * (5)

SERVICE  * * * * * *  (5)

LOOKS  * * * * * * (6)

BATHROOM: * * * * * (5)

Here’s some pictures of me at Lego Kidsfest — DEFINITELY — check it out next year — it’s so much FUN!!!!!

HELP ME! I'm being eaten by a Lego Lion

My Favorite Ninjago Ninja - Zane!

I've never seen so many Lego Bricks in my life!


6 thoughts on “The Makris Midtown Diner… Delicious Food On The Road To LEGO Kidsfest 2011!

  1. Alex,

    Your blog is AWESOME! I am enjoying it so much. Your descriptions of these diners really make me want to go and check them out. I especially like how you interview members of the diner’s staff to get their perspective. I’m definitely hooked! I’ll be checking in regularly.

    Keep up the great work!

    Mr. Santaniello

  2. Thank you for visiting the DIner Alex. Great job on the photos and the dynamite review of my restaurant. I was very impressed with your interview and research on the diner. It was a pleasure having your visit. Keep up the good work.

    -Ewa Nowak

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