Great Country Cookin’ at Reid’s Country Kitchen

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Reid’s Country Kitchen 17 Elm St, New Canaan, CT 

Reid’s Country Kitchen, is a little hard to find… because it’s hidden down an alley off of Elm  Street… but when you do, you’ll be amazed at how good the food is.  Before the new Reid’s Country Kitchen re-opened, the place was JP’s Country Cupboard… but before that it was the original Reid’s which had opened in 1988.

Reid’s is known for its baking — especially their muffins and biscuits.  I had the Biscuit Bundle which is bacon, eggs, cheese and tomato on a HUGE fresh biscuit! It was scrumptuous!

I spoke with our servers  Nora and Sharon (who even asked and answered her own question)…

Do I enjoy my job?


Nora, also told me that “Kid’s love the Country Kitchen”

I know why… because not only do you get a great breakfast, they give all the kids Wikki Stix which are kind of like Benderoos — waxy sticks that you can make pictures, figures or just about anything with. They’re super cool.  They even hang the best creations up on their bulletin board for all of the customers to look at.

The Sunday Diner Rating (out of 5)

FOOD  * * * * * (5)

SERVICE  * * * * * *  (5)

LOOKS  * * * * * (5)

BATHROOM: * * * * * (4)


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