A Gold Medal Breakfast at the Silvermine Market!

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Silvermine Market, 1032 Silvermine Road, New Canaan, CT www.silverminemarket.com

The Silvermine Market is located directly across the street from The Silvermine Arts Center in New Canaan, CT and serves up an amazing gourmet breakfast!

The Market is in a building that dates back to 1860 – that’s over 152 years old!  Though it has not always has been the Silvermine Market, the building has for a long time been a market, which we learned about  by talking to the owners Chef Scott Kaluczky and Lou Aloupis and will tell you about that in minute.  But first about the Silvermine Market and its awesome food!

The Silvermine Market is a cozy country-style place that not only serves breakfast, it’s also great for lunch and now even serves dinner on Friday and Saturday nights.  If you’re having a big party, like for the Super Bowl, they do catering too!

A lot of what is served at the Silvermine Market is freshly made, they do all their own baking, they roast their own roast beef and turkey for lunch and make all sorts of other great things like lasagna, chicken pot pies and even chocolate cake.  But I came for breakfast… and it was VERY GOOD!

To start, I had a Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream… it was super hot and delicious, and was made with steamed milk on the cappuccino machine.  There’s many choices for breakfast, and I had a hard time choosing, but I decided to go with the Breakfast Burrito, which is a flour tortilla filled with bacon, ham or sausage, eggs, onions, peppers and cheddar cheese and was served fresh salsa!  I had mine with bacon.  It was so tasty and BIG — I couldn’t even eat the whole thing!  My dad and I also shared a side order of Home Fries — they were so good I was in Home Fry Heaven!

I spoke with the owners Chef Scott and Lou about the market and asked them about its history, Lou told me that:

Me with Lou (l.) and Chef Scott (r.) the owners of Silvermine Market

“It’s been here since 1860, and was known as Guthrie’s Market.  This building was an icehouse that sold ice to people because back then people didn’t have refrigerators and had to buy ice to keep their food cold.  They also sold produce.  It’s been The Silvermine Market for a long time, but Scott and I bought and fixed it up 6 years ago”.

I also spoke to Chef Scott about the food and asked:

“What’s most popular with kids at the Silvermine Market?”

He said that “…Kids LOVE our Chicken Fingers and Mac & Cheese for lunch and our Chocolate Chip Pancakes and French Toast for breakfast — the french toast is really thick because it’s made with challah bread  — kids also love our fresh muffins”.

I’m totally coming back here for lunch…and might even stay for dinner!

The Sunday Diner Rating (out of 5)

FOOD  * * * * * (5)

SERVICE  * * * * *   (5)

LOOKS  * * * * * (5)

BATHROOM: * * * * * (5)

Thanks Scott and Lou!


6 thoughts on “A Gold Medal Breakfast at the Silvermine Market!

  1. Hey Alex, will you ask your mom or dad if this place is related to the Silvermine Tavern? You know that’s where they got married, right? (I mean, of course you weren’t THERE, but maybe you were already in spirit…)

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