Christie’s Country Store… Doing Good For the Community… And Good Breakfasts!

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Christie’s Country Store, 161 Cross Highway, Westport, CT

Christie’s Country Store is located right next to one of my favorite ice-cream places in the world, The Frosty Bear.  So I thought it would probably be good for breakfast too!  And it is.  Like the name says, it’s a real country store that sells fresh made food like baked goods, salads, sandwiches and other food items.

The store has been there since 1926 and the owners, Renee and John Hooper are very kind and generous and like to help the community — today, they were making a BIG pasta lunch for the Senior Center. They also love to support the farmer’s market that they host in front of the country store on Sunday’s during the summer and use a lot of the produce in their cooking.

Today I had the Egg, Bacon & Cheese Sandwich on a toasted poppy-seed bagel — one thing I noticed was that the Egg Sandwiches were very popular, it seemed like every person coming in the store was ordering one — one guy actually came in and bought not one…not two… not three… four or five… BUT six of them!  I wonder if he ate them all himself!  I also had some home fries which were tasty and hot.

Before I had breakfast, I got to taste their homemade jams — not surprisingly they were great!  I loved the Strawberry Lemonade jam so much, that I asked my dad to buy some.  Tonight, I’m going to have it on some vanilla ice cream.

Renee Hooper the OwnerI spoke with Renee Hooper, who owns Christie’s with her husband John and who told me:

“All of our jams and grilling sauces are 100% natural, the first ingredient that you see on the jam label is the fruit.  We only use fruit from the farmer’s market or from local farms.  We are very committed to the Westport community”  “We also do fresh baking everyday and make muffins, cookies and other treats”

Mrs. Hooper also told me a little bit about the history of Christie’s. She told me that Christie’s had been a farm a long time ago and had been a market as well.  The Hooper’s have lived in Westport all of their lives, and her husband’s family had been in the area since the 1600’s!

I also asked her the most important question,

“When will the Frosty Bear open for the season?”

She said, ” The Frosty Bear will open up in May!”

I will definitely be coming back this May for that!

The Sunday Diner Rating (out of 5)

FOOD  * * * * * (5)

SERVICE  * * * * * * (6)

LOOKS  * * * * *  (5)


We’ll be back!


4 thoughts on “Christie’s Country Store… Doing Good For the Community… And Good Breakfasts!

  1. Yo guys are Killin me………. I know that place…it’s been years. I went to high school in Westport for two years and we se to go there all the time !!!!!

  2. Alex, great to see you and your Dad! Thank you for the kind words.
    Please drop me a note so I can introduce you to a friend of mine.

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