There’s Lots To “Chews” From The HUGE Menu At The Sherwood Diner…

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Sherwood Diner, 901 Post Road East,  Westport CT

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The Sherwood Diner is a classic-style diner that serves hungry Westporters and travelers 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week! And so, if you’re going to feed all of these people, you must have a HUGE menu… and… the Sherwood definitely does!

I’ve been going to the Sherwood since I was pretty young and it’s always good for lunch, dinner, and especially breakfast.

With so many choices on the menu, it’s always hard to decide what to have.  But I knew that you can’t go wrong with French Toast — so I had the Challah Bread French Toast.  (I’ve loved Challah bread since I was in preschool — we used to have it every Friday).  But when you make French Toast with it, it comes out crispy on the outside and really fluffy on the inside — YUM!  I also had a side of bacon, which was crispy, but melted in your mouth.  To drink, our server, Liz made me a fresh chocolate milk, which she said was her specialty — and it is — it was super-syrupy!

With our awesome server, Liz!

I spoke with Liz, our server, who told me that the Sherwood has been open for over 35 years.

I also asked her, what her favorite breakfast on the menu was and she said,

“I really love the Eggs Benedict”

With Dimitri one of the Sherwood Diner's Owners

My dad had the Eggs Benedict, I tried it and it was really good — especially the sauce which is called Hollandaise sauce.

I also talked with Mr. Dimitri, one of the Sherwood Diner’s owners.

“The menu here is SO big with so many things to choose from,     What was strangest thing that anyone has ever ordered for breakfast at the Sherwood?”

He said… “Wow, that’s a really hard question, but probably the strangest ever was a Chicken Omelet with Fresh Garlic!”

I’m sure that guy was able to keep the vampires away!

The Sunday Diner Rating (out of 5)

FOOD  * * * * * (5)

SERVICE  * * * * * *  (6)

LOOKS  * * * *  (4)

BATHROOM: * * * * *  (5)


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