Sunday Diners Goes To Italy!! Part I

PART I:   Rome, Positano and San Gimignano

You are probably wondering why we have not posted in a while… It’s because we were on vacation in Italy for the past 10 days. We had a lot of fun seeing all of the sights in Rome, Pompeii, Florence and Venice (and some other smaller places) meeting new people and especially trying all of the great food!  So for our next two Sunday Diner’s posts I’d like to present to you some of my favorites of Italia!

So, as they say in Italy, “Andiamo a mangiare!”


Pizza:  The Pizzarium, Via della Meloria, 41, Rome

Our friend Alex Marshall told us about how great Pizzarium is — their pizza has all sorts of crazy toppings and the chef is a real pizza artist. They also cut their pizza with scissors — which I’ve never seen done before.  Pizzarium is very popular because famous TV food guy, Anthony Bourdain, loves it too!

Pasta:   Osteria Margutta, Via Margutta, 82B  Rome

This restaurant is one of my Unkle Kenny’s favorites in Rome.  I had spaghetti carbonara – it was really creamy and delicious.

Gelato: Giolitti, Via Uffici del Vicario, Rome

Giolitti is famous for being the oldest Gelateria in Rome –  it’s been making fantastic gelato and pastries since 1890.  There are tons of flavors.  My favorites were Crema and Double Cioccolato.  My dad had Nutella which was really great too, mom’s favorite was Limone.  The best thing about Giolitti, was that it was close to our hotel — so we went there a lot!

Hot Chocolate: Caffe Della Pace, Via Della Pace 3/7 Rome

Hot Chocolate in Italy is very different than here, sure it’s hot…and it’s chocolate, but it’s also much thicker and not made from powder — it’s like drinking pudding!  Caffe Della Pace has also been open since 1891.


A Heart Shaped Pizza For Mom

Pasta:  Chez Black , Via del Brigantino, Positano

On our way to Pompeii, we went to Positano which is on the Amalfi Coast, and is famous for its sun and beaches… but it rained like cats and dogs! I got so wet, it felt like I had anchovies in my shoes — and speaking of anchovies, we had lunch at Chez Black which is right on the shore and specializes in seafood.  I decided to try Pasta with Cuttlefish and Squid Ink!  It was a salty (in a good way, like the sea) and really good.  The fun part about it – is it’s black!!!! And it’s totally messy!


Mmmm... Wild Boar Sausage...

San Gimignano is a Medieval town in Tuscanny.  Tuscanny is very famous for its food because there are many farms in the area. Here we got to have lunch at a real organic Tuscan Farm.

Fattoria Poggio Alloro, Via S. Andrea San Gimignano                                            Visit The Farm’s Website Here

The farm makes their own wine, olive oil and  their own cheese from cows that I got to touch!  I even saw a new-born calf — CUTE!  Lunch was very good — we started with Bruschetta which is toasted bread with fresh garlic and their own olive oil, then we had Pasta Bolognese with meat sauce, Salami and Cheeses from the farm and for dessert their specially made Biscotti.  Thanks to Gloria Bani, who gave us a great tour!

The Best I Gelato I Ever Had was in San Gimignano!

Gelateria di Piazza, Piazza della Cisterna, 4, San Gimignano

Our tour guide, Elisa from Walkabout Tours, who was great, told us the best gelato in all of Italy (and the world) is in San Gimignano. Gelato master, Sergio Dondoli has won many awards including the Ice Cream World Championships and it sure was award-winning! It was so good, we went back for seconds!!!

I had caramel and vanilla — SO GOOD!  After walking around the town, we HAD to come back and try their specialty, which is called Crema De Santa Fina — which is made from fresh Safron Creme (from San Gimignano) , Vanilla (from Madagascar) and Pine Nuts (from Pisa) –and boy was that good!

Next week, we will be writing about our visit to Florence and Venice… so be sure to come back and check it out…

Which brings us to… THE END

…of Part I


17 thoughts on “Sunday Diners Goes To Italy!! Part I

  1. Hi Alex! I’m so jealous! Looks like you and your parents had a great time in Italy!! You did a great job with your article. I really enjoyed reading about your adventures in Italian food!

  2. Wow Alex, nice stuff! Glad to hear you had a great time. The hot chocolate and the pizza look tasty. Thanks for posting.

  3. Hey Alex, looks like you had a great time. Thanks for bringing a little bit of Italy back for all of us to share with you. Uncle Peter

  4. Hi, Alex!

    Welcome home! Another job very well done. Sunday Diners really went beyond Fairfield County for this post. I’m looking forward to next week’s edition and hearing more about your fantastic trip at school. See you there!

    Mr. Santaniello

  5. Molto bene! And yummy…you did an awesome job of bringing Italy back to Fairfield County. Can’t wait to see you. xxxx

  6. You hit up all our favorite spots in Italy. Nice job! 🙂 The wild boar in Italy is amazing and is still something that we talk about today. Gelato everywhere, but where you had it is especially great. Nice work on this post. 🙂

  7. Hi Alex, it was a pleasure have met you here at the farm Fattoria Poggio Alloro…
    I hope that you will come back to visit us with your family… maybe the next year 🙂

    thank you for the photos!!!!
    Ciao e tanti saluti dalla Toscana

  8. Alex, I’m so glad you liked Pizzarium as much as me and my brother George do!

    I was wondering if you ever knew about what makes carbonara creamy. It’s actually not cream at all, but egg yolk that gets sort of fluffy when it combines with hot pasta water and parmesan cheese. The best we ever had was in Rome, where it originates. We had one serving at every restaurant we tried.

    Looks like you took good advantage of all that Italy has to offer. Great job!


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