Sunday Diners Goes To Italy!! Part II

PART II: Pompeii, Florence and Venice…

Gelato… Gelato… And Even MORE  Gelato!!!!


Gaetano’s Pompeii Tours (click on link for more info)

We took a quick tour to Pompeii, which is an ancient city that was preserved when it was covered in ash when Mt. Vesuvius erupted.  We had a really great tour of ancient Pompeii by our tour guide Gaetano Manfredi – who is really famous for his tours – he’s even been on TV.  I didn’t eat anything while I was in Pompeii, but he did show me what a kitchen in Ancient Rome looked like.


Breakfast in Italy is very different from breakfast here in America. Here, we have bigger breakfasts with pancakes, eggs, bacon etc.  In Italy, breakfasts are smaller, usually a pastry, croissant and some milk or for the adults, coffee.  Here, I’m having an Italian doughnut, they are called Bombolini.

Antipasto: Ristorante Natalino,  Borgo degli Albizi,17/R Florence

When we arrived in Florence, we were hungry, but since we were going out to dinner later, we just wanted something small.  Antipasto is the Italian word for appetizers.  Ristorante Natalino makes great antipasto.  Especially their salami, bruschetta and fried potatoes — which are shaped like potato chips — but are thicker like french fries..

Pasta With Truffles: Ristorante Caffè Pitti, Piazza Pitti, 9, Florence

Ristorante Caffè Pitti is across the street from the Pitti Palace.  Their specialty is truffles… and I like truffles!  I had Taglierini al Tartufo, which is Pasta with Truffles. It was very buttery, creamy and great. Our waiter, who was named Frisbee, was super nice.

Steak: Ristorante La Giostra, Borgo Pint 12/R Florence

La Giostra is one of the best restaurants in Florence.  Lots of famous people have eaten here even George Lucas ate here.  They come because it’s so good.  The owner, Dimitri d’Asburgo Lorena and his dad are real live princes whose ancestors were from the famous Medeci family – who built much of Florence.

Florence is famous for steak, but Florentine Steaks are really big.  So they made me a smaller steak, Florentine Style.  Which was delicious!

Hot Chocolate: La Rivoire, Piazza Della Signoria, Florence

Again, Unkle Kenny has recommended another great spot for Hot Chocolate. La Rivoire is a famous chocolate maker and their hot chocolate is very good,  the best in Florence.


Venice is unlike any city I’ve ever been to.  It is on the sea, and is full of canals, which are like roads.  No one has cars in Venice, they get around by gondola, boat, water taxis or by walking. So, with all of that water around, I knew that seafood would be good in Venice.

Pasta: Osteria al Mascaron,  Calle Longa Santa Maria Formosa 5225, Venice

I went to Osteria al Mascaron to try their specialty Spaghetti Allo Scoglio, which is pasta with fresh shrimp, mussels and clams in a tomato and garlic sauce. I wasn’t expecting for the shrimp to be whole with the head and everything still on it — they kind of look like aliens!  In America, usually shrimp is served already cleaned… but not here!  You have to work at it, but it’s fun and good.

Gelateria Nico Fondamenta Zattere 922, Venice

Even though it was raining really hard, we had to try  Gelateria Nico, which is the best gelateria in Venice.  It was very busy in there even though it was raining.  It was very good gelato, I had KitKat and Crema.

Make Sure To Stop And Feed The Pigeons!

With all of this great eating in Venice, make sure you save some bread or crackers to feed the pigeons in St. Mark’s Square.  It’s a lot of fun to hold out bread and let them climb on your head!



Which Brings Us To…

The End.

But Before I Go… Time For One Last Gelato!

At Marco Polo Airport in Venice!

Arrividerci Italia!


5 thoughts on “Sunday Diners Goes To Italy!! Part II

  1. Hi Alex!
    This was a great post about your trip and all the amazing things you ate while traveling.
    I love your posts each Sunday!

  2. Hahahahaha nice ending shot, kiddo! Another great post.

    Did you help your mom and dad figure out which restaurants you were going to visit? I think that’s the most fun part of visiting Italy. The rest just sort of takes care of itself.

    So now that you’ve been to both countries, and you’ve eated in tons of great restaurants in both, you can decide which food you like better: Italian or French. Even though I live in France and love the food here like crazy, I actually think Italian food is even better.

    But taste is very subjective.


  3. You have captured the essence of Italy in your blog! The food, the history, and the culture. I am enjoying reading the blog, and as always, when I am finished, I am really hungry! xx

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