Get Fired Up With Breakfast At The Firehouse Deli In Fairfield!

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The Firehouse Deli, 22 Reef Road, Fairfield CT

The Firehouse Deli is located in… you guessed it… An old firehouse that has been made into a deli.  The Old Firehouse, is a historic building that was built in the late 1800’s. It’s painted fire engine red on the outside and inside and is decorated with some cool firehouse artifacts, like an old ladder and extinguisher.

The Firehouse is across from the Town Green in Fairfield and has tables outside so you can sit outside and enjoy your food and the view.  It’s not only kid-friendly… but also dog-friendly.  Today there were lots of dogs and their owners… maybe I’ll come back someday with my dog, Coco *

Today I had the Sunshine Wrap — a Whole Wheat Flour Tortilla filled with Eggs, Monterrey Jack Cheese, Bacon and Salsa!  It was awesome.  I thought that it would be spicy, but it actually tasted sweet.  Since I was still hungry, I also had a homemade Cinnamon Muffin which was also good.  They do not make their own Chocolate Milk at the Firehouse, so I had Hood Milk Chocolate Milk.  which reminds me of a corny joke my dad tells me every time I have Hood Milk…

What do Baby Gangsters drink? 

Answer: Hood Milk! 🙂

I spoke with Caitlin our server  and asked, what she likes for breakfast. Caitlin loves the bacon egg and cheese sandwiches.

I also asked her what is her favorite Firehouse menu item of  them all. She said, “I love The Thanksgiving it’s roast turkey, stuffing, cranberry and mayo on a hard roll”

That sounds stuffing!

The Sunday Diner Rating (out of 5)

FOOD  * * * * * * (6)

SERVICE  * * * * *   (5)

LOOKS  * * * * *  (5)

BATHROOM: * * * * *  (5)

* Here’s  picture of my dog Coco


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