It’s Our First  Anniversary! 

Last week was the one-year anniversary of the first Sunday Diners blog post.  Since then, we have done 47 posts and have visited some of the best places for breakfast in Fairfield County, and beyond, like Block Island RI, Westchester NY, and Lancaster, PA.

We even wrote about our trip to Italy (where the food is awesome) and went to a Mets game and checked out the Hot Dogs at Citi Field!

Most of all, Sunday Diners has been a lot of fun to do with my dad, and we have met some really great people from all over the US and even some from as far away as Japan and Australia who read the blog.  We also met some other great bloggers like OMNOMCT and Dan Woog here in CT.  

It’s going to be a very fun year ahead, so if you have any ideas on where we should go next, please let us know!

Thank you everyone for reading, commenting and sending e-mails!

Love and Happy Father’s Day,

Alex and his Dad

So, without any more delays… let’s get on with the show!

First of all, I want to congratulate ALL of the great places, even the ones who did not finish first, because all of you helped to make the blog to become a big success.

We received tons of votes from all of you and here’s who you chose for:

The Sunday Diners 2012 SUNNY AWARDS! 

The Best Eggs:  The Egg Sandwich at Christie’s Country Store, Westport!

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs Hooper and everyone at Christie’s Country Store. People REALLY love your egg sandwiches… And so do we!

Renee Hooper the Owner

The Best Pancakes: Chip’s Family Restaurant, Orange and Fairfield CT

Just like their commercial says… Chip’s has “The Best Pancakes Around” they were also named the best pancake in CT by Connecticut Magazine too!  Congratulations Chip’s on your Sunny Award!!!!

The Best French Toast: Olde Bluebird Inn, Easton CT 

Sunday Diners’ readers got really excited about the French Toast at the Olde Bluebird Inn in Easton – Congratulations Ms. Ewa – We’ll be back soon!

The Best Diner Donut: Coffee ‘An Donut, Westport 

Westport’s Coffee ‘An Donuts are good enough for the President of The United States and are really popular with our readers too!  Congratulations on winning the Sunny Award for Best Diner Donut!

The Best Hot Chocolate: Silvermine Market, New Canaan, CT

Congratulations to Chef Scott and Mr. Lou for winning the Sunny Award for best Hot Chocolate! By the way, your eggs are pretty awesome too!

Best International Breakfast: Valencia Luncheria, Norwalk CT

The winner of The Best International Breakfast was Valencia Luncheria. I love their Arepas,  Pancakes and Batidos – Deeeeelicious!  Congratulations on your Sunny Award! See you soon at your new location!

Best Deli/Takeout: Gold’s Delicatessen, Westport 

Congratulations to Gold’s Delicatessen on your Sunny Award!! We loved your Lox and so do our readers! And plus, as a bonus, you get pickles with your breakfast!

Best Classic Diner: Post Road Diner, Norwalk, CT

This was a VERY tough category — but in the end, the winner was The Post Road Diner.  Congratulations to them and all of the runners up!

The Awesome 4 Kids Award: Chip’s Family Restaurant, Orange and Fairfield

Chip’s is AWESOME for Kids! (and adults too!)  Congratulations on winning NOT ONE — BUT TWO — Sunny Awards!


The Best Bathroom! : Nicholas Roberts Gourmet Bistro, Norwalk CT

As many of you know I almost always check out the bathroom for Sunday Diners. Sometimes, they’re clean and decorated nicely…. and other times… they’re not so nice.

Now, Nicholas Robert’s Gourmet Bistro’s bathroom is almost as awesome as the food is! Congratulations to Chef Robert and his Dad, Mr. Nicholas — another great Father and Son team 🙂

Everyone deserves a HUGE round of applause! 

We’ll be back next week with another post, thanks for reading and remember to

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  1. Nice work on these awards! Happy 1 year…and many, many more great and fun years ahead for you! 🙂 Also, thanks for the shout out. It was one of our highlights to meet (or meat) you, too. 🙂

  2. this has been the treat of all treats…
    great places to visit with our travels to CT to have a personal guide to each of these “BEST” places… gotta see the bathroom place for sure
    thanks for a wonderfilled Sunday night read and vicarious foodie read

    poppey and “you know who”

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