Wave Hill Breads Bakery & Café – “Rising” To Success in Norwalk!

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Wave Hill Breads Bakery & Cafe, 30 High Street Norwalk, CT www.wavehillbreads.com

Welcome to the second year of Sunday Diners!  We haven’t had a breakfast post in a few weeks, because we were busy with the 2012 Sunny Awards. Since we wanted to get  our new year started off with a bang, today we visited Wave Hill Breads Bakery and Café in Norwalk — so you’re in for a real treat!

Wave Hill Breads was started in Wilton in 2005 by Margaret Sapir and Mitch Rapoport and their bread is famous!  They are even in a book called 500 Things To Eat Before It’s Too Late.  I’ve had their bread before and it’s really great for sandwiches and toast.  But before we talk about the bakery, let’s talk about what I had for breakfast.

Today I had “The Ultimate Egg Sandwich” — which is Soft Scrambled Eggs, Cheddar Cheese, Fire Roasted Poblano Peppers, Applewood Smoked Bacon on Fresh-Baked Rosemary Croissant.  It was a great combination of the sweet and smoky taste of the bacon then suddenly it changes to the sharp taste of the cheese — but the best part was the croissant.  Dad had the Wave Hill Breads French Toast with Applewood Smoked Bacon.  I tried that and it was excellent — because the bread was so good!

Afterwards, we tried their Cinnamon Bun which was freshly baked and was really good  and went really well with a glass of milk.

After breakfast, I got to learn a lot about the bakery and café from Jake Rapoport and his mom Margaret  Sapir.

Jake’s mom and dad own Wave Hill and Jake has been baking bread since he was in the seventh grade!!! I asked Jake what makes the bread so good?

He said “Time.  It takes twelve hours to make a perfect loaf of bread”. 

I also asked him what the most popular thing on the menu for breakfast. He said, “The Ultimate Egg Sandwich is really popular”

Hey I had that this morning!

Jake and his mom gave me a tour of the bakery, it was like being on a field trip!  I got to see the oven which can bake 300 loaves of bread at once and bakes them at 450 degrees.  I figured out that if you had 1,200 people ordering bread — you would only need to run the oven 4 times.  Ms. Margaret also told me all about their spelt bread and all about the bakery.

“We work with local farms to get our supplies.  Our spelt comes from Lightening Tree Farm in Millbrook, New York”.

She showed me the fresh spelt which are called berries and showed me how they mill it into flour.  At Wave Hill they mill their own flour.

Ms. Margaret also told me how she became a baker… it’s a great story that you can read here, but she and her family all learned together from Gerard Rubaud a Master French baker in Vermont.  Who taught them how to make bread the right way.  I also asked her what is the secret to making great bread.

She told me “It’s the Three “Ts” Time, Temperature and Touch – And it has to be made by hand to be good”.

Wave Hill also sells their bread and baked goods at 16 Farmer’s Markets every week, we’ll be sure to check them out at the farmer’s market and will definitely come back soon.

The Sunday Diner Rating (out of 5)

FOOD  * * * * * (5)

SERVICE  * * * * *  (5)

LOOKS  * * * * * (5)

BATHROOM: * * * * *  (5)


5 thoughts on “Wave Hill Breads Bakery & Café – “Rising” To Success in Norwalk!

  1. great review Alex. if i ever get up to Norwalk, i’ll be sure to stop at Wave Hill…it’s not easy to find great tasting bread just anywhere! thanks for sharing your experience and the magic of Wave Hill.


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