Chillin’ Out At Froyoworld Westport’s Grand Opening

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Froyoworld, Frozen Yogurt Lounge 361 Post Road West, Westport CT     Like Froyoworld Westport on Facebook

Today, we went to the Grand Opening of Froyoworld in Westport.  Froyo is short for Frozen Yogurt.  It’s really healthy (it helps your digestive system) and it is just as much fun as ice cream… and Froyoworld is a world of yummy fun!   It’s a cool (get it) place to hang out and enjoy their 10 flavors of frozen yogurt and over 45 toppings.  They play great music there and the people who work at Froyoworld seem really happy to be there.

Froyoworld even has a cool logo that looks like it could be Pokémon! I wonder what his name is? 

As we said before, Froyoworld has over 45 toppings to and 10 flavors to choose from, but the best part is you get to make your own creation.  Today I had Cake Batter & Cookies and Creme Frozen Yogurt topped with Marshmallows, Caramel Turtles and Chocolate Chips with a little Strawberry Sauce.  It was delicious!

I spoke with Sharon Brockwell, the owner of Froyoworld Westport and asked her, of all of the 45 toppings which one is most popular with kids?

She said, “Kids love the rainbow sprinkles”!

One of the toppings I never heard of before.  It is called Mango Popping Boba.  I asked what exactly is that.  They are little orange balls filled with Mango juice. When you put them in your mouth, they pop and squirt out the mango juice —  sounds juicy!  I’m having that next time for sure!

Good luck to Froyoworld, and thanks for the awesome T-shirt!


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