The Redwood Kitchenette & Bar Sunday Diners in NYC!

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Redwood Kitchenette & Bar, 102 Eighth Avenue, NY, NY

This our first ever Sunday Diners post from New York City!

Today we came into Manhattan to see one of my dad’s best friends, Peter Hume, who is here visiting from California.  Peter’s friend Brian Gligor, who knows a lot about New York history offered to give us a tour of the World Trade Center Site and the 9-11 memorial.

We started our day with a walk on The High Line which is a park that is built on an old elevated train line that used to deliver supplies and produce to New York City –  now it’s an awesome park. Brian told me that the last train that ran on the High Line in 1980 carried a load of frozen turkeys!  We then checked out The Frying Pan, an old lighthouse ship that is now serves food and drinks — it’s cool, but a little spooky.

After walking around a bit we stopped for brunch at the Redwood Kitchenette & Bar. The first thing that you notice when you walk in is a HUGE Airstream trailer camper — right there in the restaurant! Airstreams are silver and made of aluminum and were one of the first RV’s.  At the Redwood they turned it into a bar!

One thing I can say, is that the food at Redwood is outstanding!

For brunch I had RKB Breakfast Bagel – which is made with their House-Smoked Trout Cream Cheese, Tomatoes, Red Onions, Capers and Lettuce on a Toasted Everything Bagel.  It was big and messy but really good.  I have never had trout before and now I was having it for breakfast. YUM!

But the best part of brunch was we shared an order of Truffled Disco Fries, these were made with French Fries, Truffles, Parmesan and Melted Fontina Cheese – it was both gooey and crispy – and really tasty!

I spoke with our server, Jacob, and asked him, “Where did the Airstream come from?” 

He told me that, “It came from New Jersey… But we bought it on e-Bay!” 

Wow, that must have been one huge box!  I also asked Jacob, what is his favorite brunch item?

He said “Hands down – It’s the Sweet and Savory”

That must be super popular as Peter, Brian and my Dad had it and it looked awesome. The Sweet and Savory is a Ricotta-Herb Pancake, Heritage Acres Bacon, Sunny Side Up Egg with Peppered Maple Syrup — I’m definitely trying that next time.

By the way, the bathroom is awesome — you have to go through a BIG door that looks like you’re going into a freezer — and  it’s decorated inside with old license plates

The Sunday Diner Rating (Out of Five)

FOOD  * * * * * (FIVE)

SERVICE  * * * * * (FIVE)

LOOKS  * * * * * (FIVE)

BATHROOM: * * * * * (FIVE)

The World Trade Center Site and the 9-11 Memorial

Afterwards, Brian gave us a tour of the World Trade Center site and the 9-11 Memorial. The memorial is very beautiful and peaceful.

Brian told me a lot of facts about the site, including that the trees are so special that they have computer chips near their roots that watch their health and were grown on a special farm in New Jersey.

When it is finished, 1 World Trade Center will be the tallest building in the USA, it will be 1776 feet tall. Brian told me that at the very top of the building there used to be a Subway sandwich shop for the workers – it would be lifted to the top floor they were working on, so they could buy lunch up there without having to come all the way down to the street.

If you’re in New York, you should definitely visit the site and the Memorial. To learn more about the Memorial click here

Thanks Brian and Peter!


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