Lunch At Litchfield’s West Street Grill And A Visit To The Arethusa Farm Dairy – Save Room For Dessert!

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This weekend, my Grandma and Poppey were visiting from Lancaster PA. On Saturday, we drove to Litchfield which is a small town about an hour and a half from where we live.  It’s a very old town with lots of cool old houses and antique stores and a really great restaurant that we stopped for lunch at…

West Street Grill, 43 West Street, Litchfield, CT

The West Street Grill is a famous place to have a bite in Litchfield.  Everything on the menu looks delicious, they use a lot of local produce and organic foods.  One of the cool things about The West Street Grill is they also feature some very good vegan food, for those people who don’t eat animal products.

The restaurant is owned by James O’Shea and his partner Charles Kafferman.  Mr. O’Shea is from Ireland… so he really had a lot to talk about with Poppey who also is Irish.  Mr. O’Shea was really nice and friendly and even treated us to some really delicious desserts!

Today I had a taste of one of The West Street Grill’s vegan creations the Cold Beet and Ginger Soup.  It was really good and it shows that you can cook great food without animal products.  For my lunch I had The Sushi Grade Rare Tuna Burger with Shredded Jicama and a Wasabi Spread.  This was really good, but a little spicy.  If you like spicy food this is a great choice. It came with French Fries which were really crispy.

But, the fun started when Mr. O’Shea started bringing out desserts for us!  First he brought us a Warm Apple Crisp served with Vanilla Ice Cream  — great!  But he wasn’t done yet.  He also brought us a Creme Brûlée – (which is a custard with a hard caramel on top).  Then out came Freshly Baked Biscotti!

Everyone at the West Side Grill was so nice, especially our server Kara Hoffman who told me that she reads Sunday Diners!  I asked Kara, what is her favorite dessert at the West Side Grill.

She said, “Definitely the Apple Crisp – it’s SO good”!

Thanks Mr. O’Shea and Kara!!!

After all of that dessert we barely had any room left!  But we still had planned to visit a special dairy, that makes AWESOME Ice Cream and Cheese. So, we took a little walk around Litchfield then drove to Bantam where we visited:

Arethusa Farm Dairy, 822 Bantam Rd, Bantam, CT

We have wanted to visit the Arethusa Farm Dairy since we had first heard about it.  The farm raises their own cows and their milk is award-winning.  The dairy, is where they process the milk into ice-cream and cheese.  As we were so full from lunch we got some pints of ice-cream and some cheese to bring home.

The Farmer’s Cheese was excellent, but the ice-cream was spectacular! we had both Old Fashioned Chocolate and Coconut.  Their ice-cream is creamy, but also very light and not too sweet.

If you have time, you can also visit their farm and meet the cows who are responsible for milk, butter and cream that goes into every pint!

Which reminds me… today is National Ice-Cream Day —  I know what I’ll be having later!


One thought on “Lunch At Litchfield’s West Street Grill And A Visit To The Arethusa Farm Dairy – Save Room For Dessert!

  1. Wonderful post! I was reminded of a time when Uncle Peter, Claudia, Emily and I were there. We had a great time and enjoyed it tremendously.

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