It’s Chili In July… At Joey B’s Famous Chili Hub In Cos Cob!

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Joey B’s Famous Chili Hub, 118 River Road Extension, Cos Cob, CT

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Joey B’s Famous Chili Hub has been serving great food for over four years in Cos Cob and is famous for their… guess what? — CHILI! It’s a family run restaurant that is very popular with kids and has many regular customers who keep coming back for their great food and… CHILI!  Today I not only had a great breakfast… but I also got to work in the kitchen with Domenick Delfino whose Dad and Step-Mom own the Chili Hub.

Joey’s is a very small place with only seating at the counter – it seems like it has a lot of takeout customers – but it’s also a great place sit at the counter, relax and enjoy some really different breakfast treats!  Today I had one of their specialties – The Hacksaw.  The Hacksaw is an Egg Sandwich – but not your normal egg sandwich.  It’s made with Eggs, Cheese — Hash Browns — AND CHILI!  All on a roll!

Yes, I had Chili for breakfast – and it was superb! I also had a chocolate milk which was made fresh for me by Lu.

My dad had The Scarpelli – which is also an Egg Sandwich, but it’s also like a sausage and peppers sandwich too — It’s named after the kind of sausage patty it’s made with which comes from Scarpelli’s Deli in Cos Cob.  I tried it and I liked the sausage was spicy and good!

I spoke with Domenick Delfino who invented The Hacksaw, he is the owner’s son AND an excellent cook and asked, “How did you come up with the idea for it?”

“When I was in High School , a lot of my friends would put french fries on their burgers –  that gave me the idea to put Home Fries on my Egg Sandwich … then I added the Chili”.

Mr. Delfino, also gave me a lesson on how to make their special French Toast batter that they make fresh for every order.

Joey B’s Chili Hub French Toast Batter


Here’s The Recipe                        

3 Eggs

A Pinch of Brown Sugar

2-3 Cap Fulls Of Vanilla Extract

A Cup of Milk   

Then add the Secret Ingredient… A Couple of Squirts of U-Bet Malt Syrup !

Mix it up and you’re ready to make your French Toast!

Joey B’s Chili Hub is great for kids — who love sitting at the counter!

The Sunday Diner Rating (Out of Five)

FOOD  * * * * * (FIVE)

SERVICE  * * * * * (FIVE)

LOOKS  * * * *  (FOUR)

BATHROOM: * * * * * (FIVE)

Thanks Domenick and Lu for a great breakfast!


4 thoughts on “It’s Chili In July… At Joey B’s Famous Chili Hub In Cos Cob!

  1. thanks for sharing this Alex, another great review. i’m sure the owners of all these places are quite pleased when they read your reviews on this blog! keep up the great journalistic work…and providing all of us with great places to venture to and wonderful food to experience!

  2. Alex, what a great write up on Joey B’s! Their lobster roll sandwhich is delicious …. And Lu makes some Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies that my two kids gobbled up!

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