Ernie’s Old Harbor Restaurant – Eating Like A Real Block Island Local!

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Ernie’s Old Harbor Restaurant,  Water Street Block Island

Ernie’s Old Harbor Restaurant is a place that both locals and visitors to Block Island love to go to for a bunch of reasons.  It’s in a great location overlooking the ferry docks and the harbor.  You can sit indoors at a table or at the counter or, you can even sit outside on their deck and enjoy the view.  The food is excellent and so is the service.

Ernie’s is famous on the Island for their Blueberry Pancakes – so I knew  had to try them… but since I was hungry, I had the Hungry Person’s Special  – two Blueberry Pancakes, Eggs, Bacon and Toast – I also had sausages.  To drink I had a fresh Chocolate Milk.

The Blueberry pancakes had so many blueberries in them that I couldn’t believe that they could stick together – delicious!

I asked Jelena Uremovic (l) our hostess and Kara Blood (r) our server about Ernie’s and the original Ernie.

Kara told me that “Ernie started the original restaurant but passed away a few years ago, the restaurant is now owned by Frank and Betty Jean Nicastro.  

Jelena, who is from Serbia and comes to Block Island every summer to work, told me that “The locals really love Ernie’s and that every day the most important landowners on the Island come to Ernie’s for breakfast… we call them “The Breakfast Club”.

I also spoke with Frank, the owner and chef and asked him, “How many blueberry pancakes do you make a day?”

He said, “A Lot — TOO MANY!”

He also told me to “Come back and try the McKody”, which is an egg sandwich that is named after his son.

I also spoke to Thomas Hilts, a regular who told me that he comes to Ernie’s every day… loves to sit at the counter and orders the McKody every day!

Now that’s a regular!

The Sunday Diner Rating (Out of Five)

FOOD  * * * * * (FIVE)

SERVICE  * * * * * (FIVE)

LOOKS  * * * * *  (FIVE)

BATHROOM: * * * * (FOUR)


2 thoughts on “Ernie’s Old Harbor Restaurant – Eating Like A Real Block Island Local!

  1. another great review Alex! i too love breakfast and whenever i travel i’m always on the lookout for a great breakfast place to satisfy my early morning appetite! keep up the great writing…look forward to your next post!


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