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Isabelle et Vincent, 1903 Post Road, Fairfield CT

Today is the first day of fall, which got me thinking that two years ago in the fall, I visited Paris, France.  So today, we thought it would be fun to check out a real French baker, right here in Connecticut.

The minute you walk through the doors of Isabelle et Vincent, you feel like you stepped into France.  The air smells delicious, and there are amazing baked treats EVERYWHERE, and it’s even decorated just like a real French bakery and café.

The bakery is owned by Isabelle and Vincent Koenig, who came to Fairfield all the way from Strasbourg, France where they also had a bakery (which is called a pâtisserie there).  The moved here with their family to start a new life and to bring their great baking and pastry skills from France to America.  They started the bakery in 2007.  It took them 10 months to build it, because all of the baking equipment and ovens had to come from France.  What makes the bakery so good, is that everything is made fresh from the bread, to the chocolates that Monsieur Vincent makes himself.

Today dad and I split a few things… a Spinach Quiche, a Croque Monsieur (which is melted cheese and ham on bread), a Plain and a Chocolate Croissant.  To finish we split a Raspberry Beignet, which is a sort of a French Donut.  I also had the Hot Chocolate – which was really delicious.

Everything was très magnifique, especially the croissants which were very flaky… light and buttery — everything that a perfect croissant has to be!

I spoke with Madam Isabelle and Monsieur Vincent and asked, “What is THE French specialty that you think Americans should try that they may not have had before?

They said, “The Langhopf, is a Strasbourg speciality –  is like a brioche, with walnuts and raisins.  It is baked in a special mold, that comes from that part of France.”

I also asked the Koenig’s, “What time do you start baking in the morning?”

Monsieur Vincent told me, “I get here and start baking at 2 AM – usually when everybody is sleeping” Madam Isabelle, told me that she gets there at 5 AM!   That’s really early!  


The Sunday Diner Rating (Out of CINQ)  


SERVICE  * * * * * (CINQ)

DÉCOR * * * * *  (CINQ)


Merci beacoup Isabelle et Vincent for the delicious baguette, the Langhopf and for bringing a little bit of France to our country!

PS: Here’s a picture of me in Paris, France from two years ago.



  1. love seeing the pic of you in france! that was so much fun to have you guys visit. glad it stayed with you as an inspiration. too bad there was no foie gras at isabelle and vincent’s–though that’s not really something you’d expect at a boulangerie. xoxoxoxo

  2. Oo la la, quelle fete savoureuse! I wish that patisserie was in Los Angeles. I love to imagine eating in all these yummy places with you and your dad.

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