The Baltimore Crab Cakes Vs. The San Francisco Rustica Welcome To “Benny Bowl 2013” At Rosie In New Canaan

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Rosie, 27 Elm Street, New Canaan CT

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Today is Super Bowl Sunday and the Baltimore Ravens will be playing the San Francisco 49ers in New Orleans.  Here at Sunday Diners… we’re live in New Canaan at Rosie for the 2013 Benny Bowl!  But… we’ll get to that in a minute after we tell you a little bit about Rosie.  Rosie has been open since 2004 and is owned by George and Rosie Nammack. I have one one word for Rosie and it’s… AWESOME!

The first thing you notice when you walk into Rosie is the art on the walls and all of the delicious baked goods on display like muffins, cookies, whoopee pies and especially their Famous Carrot Cake.  The art is by a local artist named David Stevens who paints in a very colorful style and likes to paint people with dogs… there’s even a painting of a pug (which is what my dog Coco is).  Rosie is a very comfortable place, it’s really great for kids, they even have games, toys and books for little kids.  The staff is very friendly and they really make you feel at home.  And now about the food!

Today’s menu had lots of great choices, but since it’s Super Bowl Sunday, my dad and I decided that we would have our own battle pitting two different types of tEggs Benedict on the menu against each other and so, The Benny Bowl was born!

Louisiana Crab Cakes Benny


My choice: Representing the AFC and the City of Baltimore (with a little bit of New Orleans) the Louisiana Crab Cakes BennyPoached Eggs, on Crab Cakes with Hollandaise Sauce.

Eggs Benedict Rustica


Dad’s Choice: Representing the NFC and the City of San Francisco, The Eggs Benedict Rustica — Poached Eggs, on a Crusty Baguette, Thick-Sliced Peppered Bacon, Roasted Plum Tomato, Fresh Basil, Hollandaise Sauce and Cracked Black Pepper.

Both were so good, if this was a real football game we’d go into overtime!  I’ve never had Crab Cakes for breakfast before – they had a little kick to them (get it?) – but they were really good, I also tried Dad’s Rustica and it was really great too.

And Now For The Halftime Show (Not Starring Beyonce)


For the halftime show, instead of Beyonce we had a really special treat; a fresh from the oven Ginger Scone with Maple Butter and a real Honey Comb (made by real bees!)  I never knew that you could eat the honeycomb itself — it was a really great combination.  To drink I had a Chocolate Steamer with Whipped Cream and Cinnamon – YUM!


I spoke with Rosie Nammack, and  asked for her Benny Bowl 2013 pick;


She said, “I would say it’s a tie, but I really like the Rustica, because I’m Sicilian!”

I also asked her, “What time do you get in to start baking in the morning?”

Rosie told me that, “I get in at 5 AM, to start baking… you really have to be a morning person for this job!” 

Rosie’s favorite restaurants are the Whelk and Le Farm in Westport and she told me all about her other favorite, Blue Hill at Stone Barns

She said, “There is no menu, they give you a list of ingredients and then ask you what things you like and they make it for you, everything is fresh because it comes right from their farm.”  

I also spoke with Mr. George, who told me that, “Rosie is like an extension of our home, which is what makes it so special”

We were so full, that we did not get to try their Famous Carrot Cake, but we took some home for dessert when we watch The Super Bowl.

Rosie invited me to come back and spend a day working in her kitchen – that would be a lot of fun, so maybe you’ll read about that in in a future post.

Thanks to everyone at Rosie for such an excellent meal!


The Sunday Diner Rating (Super Bowl Edition) 

FOOD * * * * * (Touchdown with a Two-Point Conversion!)

SERVICE  * * * * * (Touchdown With The Extra Point!)

LOOKS * * * * *  (Touchdown!)

BATHROOM * * * * *  (Two Field Goals



4 thoughts on “The Baltimore Crab Cakes Vs. The San Francisco Rustica Welcome To “Benny Bowl 2013” At Rosie In New Canaan

  1. Great post Alex! both of those dishes sound delicious! maybe you can have Mr Stevens paint a picture of you and Coco for “Rosie’s”?

    really like the feel of this post…had a nice flow and easy read! keep up the great work!

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