All Aboard For Great Muffins At Whistle Stop Bakery in Ridgefield

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Whistle Stop Bakery 20 Portland Ave Ridgefield, CT (Branchville Metro North Stn.)

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The Whistle Stop Bakery has been serving both Metro North commuters to New York City and locals for over 30 years.  It is owned by Lolly Turner and they make great muffins, cookies, pies and even chicken pot pies!  As you can guess from the name, Whistle Stop is not only located at the Branchville train station, it’s inside the old station house itself. It is decorated with all sorts of train signs, photos and paintings and even an old toy train.  The windows look out over the rails… so you can see when the trains come in.  It’s big inside,but there are only two tables, why?  Because, it’s mostly a place where you grab-and-go before you get on the train.

So, let’s talk muffins!  Today dad and I split a Carrot Muffin and a Sour Cream Almond Muffin.  The muffins were fresh-baked and tasty and big enough to split.  I liked the Almond Muffin, but… I LOVED the Carrot Muffin — the top was crunchy like a cookie and the bottom was moist and delicious.  It was a 24-Carat Carrot Muffin!

I also tried one of their specialties called the Breakfast Cookie — it’s a really big and nutritious oatmeal cookie — it is like having a whole bowl of oatmeal that you can take on the go – I had the raisin one – it was really filling!

I didn’t get to meet Ms. Lolly, the owner of Whistle Stop, but I spoke to her on the phone and asked…

Alex: “How busy is it here during the mornings?”

Ms. Lolly: “It’s really busy, we open at 5:30 AM because so many commuters going to New York come here to get their breakfast before they go.”

Alex: “How many Muffins do you make a day?”

Ms. Lolly: “It depends… but probably dozens and dozens.”

Alex: “What is your favorite muffin?”

Ms. Lolly “My favorite is The Morning Glory, it’s carrots, smushed apples, raisins, coconut, whole grain flour and a drizzle of honey — no sugar at all!”

That sounds Healthy AND Delicious!

IMG-20130218-00681A big thanks to Ana for being so helpful…

The Sunday Diner Rating 

FOOD * * * * * (Five)

SERVICE  * * * * * (Five)

LOOKS * * * *   (Four)

BATHROOM * * * *   (Four



3 thoughts on “All Aboard For Great Muffins At Whistle Stop Bakery in Ridgefield

  1. great review Alex. i must be living in the wrong city and state…we have nothing close to any of the cool places you and your dad visit! i guess this means i’ll have to start making trips to CT just for great Sunday breakfasts! keep up the great work…always look forward to reading your reviews…THANKS!

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