5 Little Things About Little Pub in Ridgefield

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 Little Pub,59 Ethan Allen Highway Ridgefield, CT


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1 – Little Pub looks very cool and Medieval!

IMG-20130326-00926 IMG-20130326-00925

2 – Little Pub has a ton of AWESOME Burgers! I had the Over Easy, which is a Half-Pound Burger, with Bacon, Cheese and an Over Easy Egg on top! IT WAS EGGCELLENT!! The Fries were really good too!


3 – It’s fun for kids too, they even give you Wiki Stix to play with — I used them to make these glasses!  And they have sports on the TVs.


4 – The desserts are great — I had the Reese’s Pie – YUM!


5 – The service is as great as the food.  Matt Poole, the manager told me that the Steakhouse Burger is the most popular… I’m coming back for that.  Nicole DiScala, our server was really nice to us!

Thanks Matt and Nicole!

The Sunday Diner Rating 

FOOD * * * * * (Five)

SERVICE  * * * * * (Five)

LOOKS * * * *   (Five)

BATHROOM * * * *1/2   (Four and a Half)


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