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VOLTA – Gelateria Creperia
30 Spring Street, Stamford Ct

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Today’s Sunday Diners is a very special first for us!  Last Sunday, we got to do two very exciting things, we got to try out VOLTA in Stamford which makes awesome crêpes and gelato…  and best of all, we went there with our two favorite bloggers OMNOMCT’s Kristien and Dan Del Ferraro

Before we talk about VOLTA, here’s a little bit about OMNOMCT.  OMNOM is an award-winning blog about food and restaurants in CT.  It’s really fun — definitely check out their story on eating A Burger a Day For The Whole Month Of May!  Now THAT’s a commitment! Dan and Kristien, have been big fans of Sunday Diners since we have started. They always comment on our posts, sometimes they tweet about us and always have great suggestions about new places to try.  They’re also very good people!

Dan and Kristien thought that it would be fun if we blogged together about a place  – and they suggested VOLTA – which they have been to before and liked a lot.  We’ve been waiting to do this for over a year… and on this Sunday here we are!

VOLTA is modern looking space which reminds me of when I was in Europe.  They play cool music and there are pictures on the walls of Italy — like statues, a Fiat, and scooters. The first thing that you notice when walk in is the HUGE selection of Gelato!  I was thinking… I’m definitely having some of that later!

VOLTA is not only a Gelateria, but also a Creperia AND a Juice Bar! So, to start I had a Fresh Carrot-Orange Juice.  It was so fresh and orange, I thought that I would turn into a carrot. Dan and Kristien and my parents all had cappuccino… I got to try the foam which was extra foamy.

Then it was time for the main course. Dan, Kristien, my Mom and I had Crêpes!  Kristien had Goat Cheese, Egg Sunny Side Up, Mixed Greens, Mushrooms and Spinach. My Mom had Black Forest Ham and Swiss Cheese, Dan had the Prosciutto, Scrambled Egg, Mozzarella Cheese and Mixed Greens.  Want to guess what I had? I had the Nutella Crêpe with a side of Applewood Smoked Bacon. Dad, had a Croissant with Eggs, Cheese and Bacon… I guess he wasn’t in a Crêpe-y mood today! 🙂

My Nutella Crêpe was delicious, the bacon was crispy and thick — and everyone LOVED their brunch choices.  Now that we ate, I interviewed OMNOMCT and they interviewed me. Be sure to check them out today… they had some pretty crazy questions for me!


I asked Dan how OMNOMCT got started.  

“Kristien and I go out to eat a lot, and when we did, we always were telling our friends online about the places we went to. Soon, our friends were starting to think that we went out to eat ALL of the time!  

So, Kristien and I decided why don’t we share the places we go to with other people to, so we started OMNOM.”

IMG-20130519-01508I asked Kristien, “What is her favorite dish at VOLTA?”

She said, “What I had today, the Goat Cheese Crepe – I love Goat Cheese and it’s extremely healthy!”

Kristien is very nice, she works in advertising, so we talked a little about my advertising project at school  and she gave me some good tips.  Then I showed her some funny dog videos on youtube because she loves pets!

So with our interviews done… it was time for Gelato!  VOLTA, makes their own Gelato, and it’s awesome.


I had Dulce De Leche, Lemon, and Mint Chocolate — Dan had Salted Caramel and Dad had Nutella.

I asked Santiago, our server, what his favorite gelato flavor is

He loves the “Gianduia” which is a Chocolate Hazelnut flavor. 


Thank you so much Dan and Kristien for such a great experience, we hope that we can see you again soon… How about we grab Burgers!?!

 Sunday Diners/OMNOM Rating 

FOOD * * * * * (Five Noms)

SERVICE  * * * *  (Four Noms) 

LOOKS * * * * *   (Five Noms)

BATHROOM * * * * *  (Five Noms)


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