“Poppin’ Tastes” @ Pop Shop Market in Fairfield!



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Yesterday, we went to the Pop Shop Market in Fairfield.  The Pop Shop Market is an outdoor market with crafts, food, art, jewelry, music, clothes and even dog biscuits. So there’s a little bit of everything for everyone in one small area.  This was the first one, and it was really fun and interesting.  We hope that they do it again VERY soon.

Here are a few of my favorites… starting with… the FOOD!


The Local Meatball

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You don’t really think “meatballs for breakfast”, but our friends at our at The Local Meatball, have come up with a way that you can, and it’s called “The Breakfast Ball”, a meatball sandwich made of Sausage, Bacon, Cheese and Eggs served on a Bun with Maple Syrup!

It was very unique and tasty, lots of flavor!  They have many other types of meatballs – be sure to follow them on Twitter to find out where they will be next — you can’t miss them, because they have a shiny red Smart car with their meatball guy logo on the side.



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Fryborg is a food truck from New Haven… and their specialty is… as you might guess… French Fries!  They also make really good sandwiches and they serve amazing and exotic sodas.  I had the fries which were fresh-cut and really crispy.  They serve them with a choice of different sauces and ketchup – we tried the curry-ketchup.  They were awesome.


But… that’s not all… dad and I split a Grilled FlufferNutter with Bacon served on Brioche!  A FlufferNutter is a Peanut Butter and Marshmallow Fluff sandwich.  Add bacon to it and grill it like a grilled cheese sandwich and it becomes all melty, gooey, sweet and salty — SO GOOD!


Fryborg also serves Avery’s Sodaswhich are made in New Britain, CT — Avery’s is really good, and if you like, they will bottle up your own creations – I wonder if we should create a Sunday Diners soda… maybe it could be Egg and Bacon flavored 🙂  But today we tried their Pumpkin Pie Soda — it was like drinking pie!!!!

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Pop Shop has great food… and it also has a great shopping…


Late Greats


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Late Greats make handmade, stuffed, dolls of great historical people like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Vincent Van Gogh.  Here are Pablo Picasso and his friend the fashion designer Coco Chanel…. and speaking of Coco


Blue Buffalo 


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Even my dog Coco would enjoy Pop Shop Market… why… because the nice girls from Blue Buffalo pet food, which is right near us in Wilton, gave us a big bag of treats for my pug Coco… doesn’t she look happy?


PrintThanks to everyone from Pop Shop Market!  

We had a lot of fun and can not wait till the next one! 


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