Gyu-Kaku In New York City Where You’re The Master Chef!

Gyu-Kaku Times Square
321 W. 44th St. Unit 103
New York, NY

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Last night, I went to New York City with my dad.   After I arrived at Grand Central, we took the subway to Times Square and walked over to Gyu-Kaku.  I’m pretty familiar with the area, because I was just there to see the Lion King and had lunch at Sardi’s.

Gyu-Kaku is not like any ordinary Japanese sushi restaurant or hibachi place… at Gyu-Kaku, you get to be the chef! Or as they call it “The Yakiniku Master”.  

There is a grill built into every table, and the waiter tells you how to use the grill (which can get very hot) and explains the menu and their yummy dipping sauces.

You order… and then the fun really begins!


Gyu-Kaku is fun for kids and adults — because it’s really not that hard to cook the meal  and it’s delicious.

We ordered some of their Top-Ten Best Sellers – which makes ordering easy:

To start we had the Tuna Volcano Crunch (#2 appetizer bestseller) – which is raw (sushi) spicy tuna on crunchy fried rice patty. It was spicy but not too spicy.

Then we started BBQ’ing:

  • Harami Skirt Steak (#1 meat bestseller)
  • Kalbi Short Rib (#2 meat bestseller)
  • Shrimp Garlic (#1 seafood bestseller)

And then… our personal favorite

  • Mushroom Medley!

The three dipping sauces (Regular, Spicy, and Ponzu) go really well with everything. I liked the Regular and Spicy the best. Regular went really well with the mushrooms.

After the BBQ… we had Ramen!


Ramen is Japanese noodles in broth – sometimes with egg or meats or vegetables.  Our Ramen was called Kalbi Ramen – it was a little spicy – but really, really good.

After, we had a VERY traditional Japanese Dessert 🙂 …. that I got to BBQ as well…



Gyu-Kaku is one of my new favorites – they have many locations around the country and the world – see if you can find one near you!

Thanks to dad’s friend Jeanne  for telling us about Gyu-Kaku – I heard that her daughters, Gigi and Julia loved it too!

The Sunday Diner Rating ( out of 五 )

FOOD  * * * * * * ( 六 )

SERVICE  * * * * *   ( 五 )

LOOKS  * * * * * ( 五 )

BATHROOM: * * * * * ( 五 


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