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44 Church Lane, Westport, Connecticut 06880

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All the way from Idaho, Java Coffee & Café is the new cool place for breakfast in Westport, and it’s more than just coffee.  The first thing that you notice when you walk into Java is how fun it looks.  The place is decorated with lots of cool things like old toy robots and art.  There is an open kitchen and lots of seating.  If you want to sit outside, you can even bring your dog!  It’s a very rock and roll kind of place, the bathroom has rock posters for concerts and they play cool music.

… And of course, the food is REALLY good!

Here’s what we had…

I started off with…

 A slice of Paleo Banana Bread and a Mexican Hot Cocoa



Paleo is a type of diet that has no grain or sugar. The Banana Bread was made from Eggs, Coconut, Banana and Chocolate.  It was really chewy and good.  But the Mexican Hot Cocoa was Muy Delicioso It was almost as good as what I had in Mexico.  It was topped off with a spoonful of their homemade whipped cream.

Java Benedict


The Java Benedict is Poached Eggs over an Everything Bagel with Smoked Ham and Hollandaise Sauce.  I had mine with a side of bacon… ’cause that’s just who I am 🙂 I loved it and the eggs were totally fresh… which we found out all about later.

Dad had… Scrambled Eggs and Bacon on an Everything Bagel


IMG_3301I spoke with the owner, Brad Berk and the manager Breanna Brandon (who is from Boise, Idaho where she managed Java Coffee and Café there) and asked…

What’s your favorite thing on the menu?

Brad likes the Poached Eggs and Avocado Toast.  For lunch he likes the Kale and Quinoa Salad.

Breanna likes… guess what?                         The Poached Eggs and Avocado Toast.

IMG_3299I asked Brad about their eggs and why they taste so good…

“They are local Connecticut farm-fresh eggs that we buy from The Farmer’s Cow the chickens are fed a good diet and aren’t given any hormones and the eggs are really fresh.  

When we first started, because we make a lot of eggs, our supplier told us to buy these other eggs that were not local. They were a little cheaper… but they tasted terrible. These taste really great”.

I also asked Mr. Berk about why there’s Cap’n Crunch on the menu…

“That’s really for the kids, but it’a also kind of an inside joke for us… it’s fun!”

We’ll have to come back and find out more about that!

Breanna also let me try more of their fresh whipped cream… It was SO good!

The Sunday Diner Rating (out of 5)

FOOD * * * * * (5)

SERVICE * * * * * (5)

LOOKS: * * * * * (5)

BATHROOM: * * * * * (5)


Thanks Breanna and Mr. Berk — you guys rock!


The Churros At Stamford’s Lorca Are A Slam Dunk!

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Lorca, 125 Bedford Street, Stamford, CT

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Lorca is a new spot in Stamford that specializes in Churros.  A Churro is a type of fried dough that is from Spain, it’s like a Spanish dounut, but you get to dip them in delicious sauces.  I never had them before, but my dad did when he would visit Spain, sometimes his grandma made them for him, he also told me that it’s popular in Spain to have Churros as a late-night snack after you go out to nightclubs.

The first thing that I wanted to know was who or what was Lorca?  I found out that Lorca is the name of a very famous Spanish poet, Frederico García Lorca, who the owner loves.  Lorca is owned by Leyla Dam who grew up in Spain and Brooklyn.  She learned how to make Churros in Spain, which is why they are so good.

Outside, Lorca looks like any other coffee shop or restaurant, but when you go inside you see a neon sign that says in big letters “Coffee and Churros”… and a beautiful, colorful mural that reminded my dad and I of the Spanish artist Miro.  There are a few small tables, cool lights and they play great music.  The staff are also very nice.

Now about the food. I started with a Vanilla Steamer, which is steamed milk with Vanilla -it tasted just like melted ice-cream. Dad had a Cortado coffee that they made a design of a heart in the foam.  For breakfast I had Churros!!!  I had them with two of their dipping sauces – Dulce De Leche and Dark Chocolate.  They also have a hazelnut chocolate dipping sauce that I will try next time.  The Churros are crunchy but are soft on the inside and are made fresh for every customer, by Leyla herself – and they were tasty – I had five and could have had twenty more!

IMG-20130119-00379I spoke with Leyla Dam, who owns Lorca about Churros and asked, “What’s the difference between an American donut and a Churro other than the shape?”

She told me that, “Even though they are both a type of fried dough, Churros, are not made with yeast, so, you don’t have to wait for it to rise after you make the dough to fry it.”


I also asked Leyla, “What is your favorite dipping sauce?”

She said, “I love the dark chocolate dipping sauce, because that’s the one I grew up with in Spain.”

Lorca is a great place for kids because it’s fun and because kids love to dunk everything!

The Sunday Diner Rating (Out of Cinco) 

FOOD * * * * * (Cinco)

SERVICE  * * * * * (Cinco)

LOOKS * * * * *  (Cinco)

BATHROOM * * * * *  (Cinco


Thanks Catherine, Leyla and Dave for the great food and for being so nice!